Ugo Lecerf

Cifre PhD Student with Renault SW Labs


Ugo is a CIFRE PhD student with Renault Software Labs, under the supervision of prof. Pietro Michiardi. His research is directed towards applying probabilistic reinforcement learning methods to decision-making environments where safety is critical.

Ugo obtained a MSc in Electrical Engineering from INSA Lyon in 2018. After working on the control and trajectory planning for autonomous driving cars during an internship with Renault, he started a PhD focused around the decision-making and uncertainty quantification aspect of the same problem using reinforcement learning methods.


  • PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Ongoing


  • MSc in Electrical Engineering, 2018

    Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon

  • Classe préparatoire, 2015

    Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon

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