Congratulations to Graziano for successfully defending his thesis

Graziano MITA, PhD student in the Data Science Dept, supervised by Prof. Pietro MICHIARDI, brilliantly defended his doctoral thesis on April, 27th, 2021.

A new thesis from the Data Science Department

Congratulations to Rosa CANDELA, PhD student in the Data Science Department, co-supervised by Profs. Pietro MICHIARDI et Maurizio FILIPPONE, who brilliantly defended her …

Four new papers at top AI conferences

Four new papers from the ML group have been accepted to top conferences on AI and machine learning.

A new Doctor from the department

Our dear friend Gia-Lac Tran successfully defended his thesis “Advances of Deep Gaussian Processes: Calibration and Sparsification”! supports our research on COVID-19 misinformation

Prof. Papotti has been awarded funding from to support his fact-checking work, which uses data science to better understand and address the impacts of COVID-19 …

New Google Faculty Research Fellowship 2020 awarded to Paolo Papotti!

Google Faculty Research Awards is a program focused on supporting the world-class technical research in Computer Science, Engineering and related fields performed at academic …

EURECOM will host the Workshop on Functional Inference and Machine Intelligence

The Workshop on Functional Inference and Machine Intelligence (FIMI) is an international workshop on machine learning and statistics, with a particular focus on theoretical …

Three papers accepted at the 33rd NeurIPS Conference

ML@EURECOM will be present at the upcoming 33rd Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) with three papers, of which two during the main conference and …

Dr. Kanagawa has joined us as Assistant Professor!

Dr. Kanagawa will tackle challenges on kernel methods, Gaussian processes, quadrature or deterministic sampling methods, and probabilistic numerics.